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American Artists' Portfolio, Inc. is the exclusive publisher of work(s) by Adolf Sehring.

All images are printed on archival acid free Arches pure rag stock and  accompanied by a written certificate of authenticity. All prints have an embossed "Publisher's Seal of Authenticity" by American Artists' Portfolio, Inc. in the lower-left margin.

Each piece is painstakingly matched to the "Original" by the printmaker, inspected and approved by the artist to insure color and detail are reproduced to his exacting standards. Only the highest quality of inks, pigments and paper are used to guarantee longevity.

For those who are not familiar with type/print information used in these pages, we have prepared a brief description as follows:

S/N (Signed and Numbered) Limited Edition: Each individual print is signed and numbered consecutively by the artist, in the lower margin. Example: xx/ooo, X being the individual print number and O being the size of the edition to which this number is assigned. Limited to the number of prints published, all plates are destroyed or efaced upon completion of production.

A.P. (Artist Proof): The first prints in an edition submitted to the artist by the printmaster for approval. These are marked A.P. and signed in pencil by the artist. Usually a very limited quantity.

Mixed-Media Serigraph: A Lithograph enhanced with additions of "Serigraph" plates (Silkscreens).

Giclee: Latest technology in print production, utilizing "Ink Jet" spray nozzles, rather than conventional "Dots" (as in Lithographic printing plates).

Color Remarque: A hand painted addition, by the artist, resembling a component of the main image usually in the lower-right margin next to the signature.This enhances it's value considerably. Please see example below:


Please click on "Page" buttons to view our Limited Edition prints.

For information about these images, availabilty and ordering instructions, please use the "Contact Us" page and we will respond to your inquiry. A price schedule is available upon request.


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